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Polonnaruwa - Sri Lanka

Polonnaruwa is the second largest district in North Central Province which bears witness of great sevel civilization in Sri Lank,a located 216 kilometers away from Colombo. Touriest can reach to pollonaruwa via the rock-cut caves of Dambulla. Most convenient way to reach Pollonnaruwa from colombo by car or any other vehicle, is via Habarana and then turning off along A11 Road. From Kandy, just 140km north to pollonaruwa.

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In 6th century BC,on of the minister of the king Vijaya, established a town called "Vijitha Grama" on the area now called as Kaduruwela in pollonaruwa district in Srilanka. Pollonnaruwa became the second capital of Sri Lanka following the decline of Anuradhapura era between the 11th and 13th centuries. Among main tourist attractions Royal palaces, Buddhist temples, monumental sculptures carved from sold rock reflect the power of the ancient kings. This second most ancient City of Polonnaruwa has been declared as a World Heritage Site in 1982, is a "must visit" cultural destination in Sri Lanka.


Car Hire In Sri Lanka 6th century BC, a minister of the king Vijaya established a town called "Vijitha Grama", currently known as pollonaruwa.

Vehicle Rental In Sri Lanka Vijayabahu I, who defeated the Chola invaders (1070) was the first king in pollonaruwa era, who reunion the country once more under a local leader.

Van Rental Sri Lanka Colombo King Parakramabahu's reign considered as the golden age of Polonnaruwa era, The Kingdom of Polonnaruwa was completely self-sufficient and the trade and agriculture were flourished at that time.

Sri Lanka Cheap car rental The capital was then shifted to Dambadeniya, due to eventual passing of power into the hands of a Pandyan King In 1214 and following the Arya Chakrawarthi invasion of Sri Lanka in 1284.

Things to Do:

Car Hire In Sri Lanka The Royal Palace

Car rental In colombo King Nissanka Malla's Palace

Sri Lanka Car Hire King Parakramabahu I Statue

Car Hire In Sri Lanka Minneriya irrigation reservoir and Giritale rainwater reservoir

Car rental In Sri Lanka Lankatilaka Gedige (Temple)

Car Hire In With Driver Alahana Pirivena Complex - Buddhist temples

Car Hire In Sri Lanka Parakrama Samudra (the Sea of Parakrama)

Car Hire In Colombo Gal Vihara (Temple)

Sri Lanka car rental Topa Wewa (Tank)

Car Hire In Sri Lanka Demala Maha Seya (Temple)

Day tours from Polonnaruwa - by car or any other vehicle.

Car rental In Sri Lanka Wasgomuwa National Park

Van Hire In Sri Lanka Somawathiya National Park

Vehicle Hire In Sri Lanka Minneriya Giritale National Park

Vehicle Hire In Sri Lanka Kaudulla National Park

Vehicle Hire In Sri Lanka City tour Dambulla

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